"Everyone knows Washington is photogenic but no one knows this better than Jake McGuire. It is McGuire’s sensitivity to his subject that is central....though these monumental landscapes and structures are the same ones we have seen in thousands of other pictures all our lives, they have a different, more personal quality in being grazed by McGuire’s lens and the heightened, sometimes curious, lighting he knows precisely when and how to select for...to us Jake and the District seem inseparable.”


– Editor, Major Airline Magazine

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Above: Whimsical skyline of Miami and Miami Beach.

Fun Photos!

Here are some images for your enjoyment...

No Swearing! A street sign posted in a raucous beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Whoever is the first to guess where this sign is gets a prize!! Hint: North of Miami but south of Bar Harbor... They apparently have a problem with some foul-mouthed visitors.

Naughty kid climbing on Lincoln

 McGuire was out at dawn one summer morning with a 300mm lens shooting the sunrise when he turned around and spotted a young man (who probably just left a Georgetown bar) climbing on Lincoln. The kid climbed all the way up and sat on Abe's head! Obviously, there were no Park Rangers or Park Police there at the time. 




Boys and girls, don't try this!

Camel Market in Hofuf, Saudia Arabia

A Saudi Bedouin is selecting his family's transportation at the world's largest camel market. This deluxe model comes complete with air, a sun roof, and auto pilot. The color? "ARAMCO Brown." (Martha Stewart, take note!)

These Saints have been praying for 700 years. It looks like it's working; they don't look a day older than they did in 1322.