"Everyone knows Washington is photogenic but no one knows this better than Jake McGuire. It is McGuire’s sensitivity to his subject that is central....though these monumental landscapes and structures are the same ones we have seen in thousands of other pictures all our lives, they have a different, more personal quality in being grazed by McGuire’s lens and the heightened, sometimes curious, lighting he knows precisely when and how to select for...to us Jake and the District seem inseparable.”


– Editor, Major Airline Magazine

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Fine Art Photographs for Office Decor

Is your law firm, association, corporation, government contracting firm, lobbying shop, or agency looking for elegant photos of Washington for office decor? We have both elegant black and white and beautiful color images in any size. We are happy to bring the portfolio by your DC office for you and your colleagues to view. e-mail McGuire at photojake520@gmail.com or call his cell, 703-888-6320


McGuire's  most popular photograph!

"Three Monuments"

copyright Jake McGuire 1984-2020

   This image is McGuire's most popular photo. Shot in the '80's in both color and black and white from a special location, the photo was his most difficult and expensive to produce.

   He went back to the same location more than 20 times trying to get the right conditions of temperature, humidity and lighting, to get the most dynamic photo possible.

   "Since DC can be hazy and humid," he says, "I finally found the right conditions when a cold front blew in from the northwest,  lowering the temperature and humidity to give the air maximum clarity needed."

   The photo is a single shot not a cut and paste and is the result of using two lenses and two tripods to make his shooting platform rock solid to prevent motion blur in the image.

   He used a powerful catadioptric telephoto lens often used by astronomers to bring faraway objecs in closer.

   "This was my most costly shot to achieve," he says, "because of all my time, equipment and expenses."


The new trend is for a modern look, so box mounting is frequently replacing framing. In additon, the new style is with architectural details and close up shots for a dramatic look! McGuire took this shot two weeks ago so you can be the first to have it decorate your office. It is the ideal, behind the front desk image for government relations firms and lobbying shops! Call and Jake will come running with his portfolio!

Color photos of Washington can be striking, elegant, playful, warm and inviting, and even whimsical. We have photos in every category to fit your organization's theme or mission.

Our photos are hanging in good company: in the offices of SAIC, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Department of State, DEA, EPA, Congressional offices, Senatorial offices, I-Gov, Deloitte, Raytheon,  and a dozen hotels.

A grouping of stately black and white photos looks sophisticated, refined and elegant in any office, setting the tone for the important "business of Washington" to be discussed with your clients, important visitors and consultants. Whether you are involved in legislative or regulatory affairs, agency work, government contracting, the media or the hospitality industry, stately images of Washington let's people know your organization's voice and misson is serious, important and effective.