"Everyone knows Washington is photogenic but no one knows this better than Jake McGuire. It is McGuire’s sensitivity to his subject that is central....though these monumental landscapes and structures are the same ones we have seen in thousands of other pictures all our lives, they have a different, more personal quality in being grazed by McGuire’s lens and the heightened, sometimes curious, lighting he knows precisely when and how to select for...to us Jake and the District seem inseparable.”


– Editor, Major Airline Magazine

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• "Everyone knows Washington is photogenic but no one knows this better than Jake McGuire." – David March, Editor, major airline magazine


• "Fantastic photos!" - Book Q&A's with Deborah Kalb's (top ranked, New Books Blog)


• "It is this rare combination of beauty and quality of subject that will make McGuire's photography the definitive look at Washington for a long time to come." – Vriginian-Pilot/Ledger Star


• "The Little Book That Could!"  - Eden Brown, The Arlington, VA Connection Newspaper


• "We love your new book, we'll take 400 of them." DC Convention Bureau


Sample page spread with caption. Photo of "Marine One" the Presidential helicopter. Click to enlarge.