"Everyone knows Washington is photogenic but no one knows this better than Jake McGuire. It is McGuire’s sensitivity to his subject that is central....though these monumental landscapes and structures are the same ones we have seen in thousands of other pictures all our lives, they have a different, more personal quality in being grazed by McGuire’s lens and the heightened, sometimes curious, lighting he knows precisely when and how to select for...to us Jake and the District seem inseparable.”


– Editor, Major Airline Magazine

All Photos and content Copyright Jake McGuire 2020

Every Day is Mother's Day! Great gift all year long! Coronavirus Inspires McGuire to Pen Book for Quarantined Mothers Going Stir-Crazy Stuck at Home with Kids & Husband!

Coronavirus quarantine inspires McGuire to write a new book, as a low-cost, safe download as "sanity rescue" for moms at home with too many birds in the nest!


The book is short and sweet, almost like a handy pocket guide for daily inspiration and entertainment!


While coronavirus is a serious problem, McGuire has released a new Mother's Day themed book as the perfect cheer-your-mother-up gift all year round!


McGuire creatd the book as a safe, downloadable to honor all mothers, including yours, with charm and funny stories of his mother who was an artist by day, and a prankster by night who played tricks on her neighbors by night.


The digital downloadable book is available on Amazon for only $4.99 and can be purchased as gifts for all the mothers in your life!

to order visit Amazon at:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086WMXSC1





Sample page spread, giving the flavor of the book!

Note: Print version now available!


Due to requests, we created a printed version for those who'd rather hold a real book!! Here is the link and details: